"To Beauty the world and build opportunities," that's what we're all about.


We're passionate about making the world a better place, not just through our awesome collections, but also by giving meaningful opportunities to everyone in the Shalls family.


We're all about bringing dreams to life, creating a legacy of beauty, and a future where style and respect go hand in hand.


Shalls is more than just a brand; it's a source of inspiration and positive vibes in the world.


Thank you for Take Care, Rosa & Maria



The driving force behind the creation of Shalls. With her meticulous and efficient approach, she always brings creative solutions to new challenges. Passionate about beauty and with a soul committed to the well-being of others, Maria is constantly exploring new possibilities and suppliers to ensure that every idea and product we sell not only adds beauty but, above all, transforms and improves lives.


In the creative process, Rosa conceptualizes and designs, bringing a unique balance to the essence of Shalls that goes beyond aesthetics; she brings the harmony that defines the identity of our brand. She is well-versed in ancient arts and crafts, capable of extracting their full splendor to serve the creation of each product. In every project, Rosa leaves a lasting mark of her creativity and dedication.